Selection of Best College Football Team

Each component makes up the team’s overall average. These three components include the Harris Poll and the USA Today Poll. A combination of all 3 factors is used to calculate the average for each team ranked at the top in ascending order. This section explains in detail how each component of BCS Standings is calculated.

The Harris Poll is a contributing component to BCS Standings. The Harris Poll comprises former coaches and student-athletes. There are 114 total respondents. The total of 114 people who participated in the Harris Poll voted for the 25 top teams in the country. Each participant who votes 1 gets 25 points. They then rank the teams in order of importance, starting at the 25th. Maximum points that a team may receive are 2,850. This is true if all 114 participants rank on the same team number 1. In other words, the BCS Standings are calculated by dividing the total points of a team by the number of possible points. Florida receiving 113 firstplace votes and 1 2nd-place vote by the final participant would result in 2,849 points. This is a Harris Poll Average of 99.9%. Or a score below 0.999. The team average is ranked in decreasing order. This makes up 1/3 of the total BCS Standings formula.

The USA Today Poll forms the next part of the BCS Standings. The USA Today Poll takes the form of the Coaches Poll and fills out their ballots on top 25 college football players. These calculations work in a similar way to the Harris Poll calculations. However there are only 1,475 possible point due to USA Today Poll only having 59 participants. Each team’s points total is divided by 1,475 in order to get another percentage average. Another example is that if a team wins all first place votes by each of the participants, they will have 1,475 maximum points and thus a score of 100%.

College sports have long been a popular means for people to spend their time and have fun. People who are serious about their chosen sport will also find college sports important. You should get to know college players, as they might one day be in Major Leagues. The college football rankings for this year differ only slightly from polls to polls. The top three polls have basically the same teams. However, poll to poll, they are slightly different. This report is based on the USA Today Poll and the Associated Press Poll. They are very similar and were both taken shortly before this writing.

The Louisiana State Tigers is the number one polling team. This team has received more that a thousand votes in both polls. They were prospected last year as the second best team within the college football world. However, they have made their way to first this season. Georgia came in second with more than 15,000. USC was third with fifteen thousand votes. USA Today poll puts USC in second place with one-hundred and eighty votes. Georgia, however, is in third position with one-hundred and seventy. These polls have the same top three choices, with only a little variation. It is close between Georgia, University of Southern California. It should be interesting to see who emerges as the winning team.

Ohio State also placed in the top five in both polls. Ohio State is ranked at number five in the Associated Press poll. It received just over thirteen hundred votes. Ohio State ranks at number four on the USA Today Ranking with nearly thirteen thousand votes. Missouri is also listed in each of the poll’s top 5. Missouri is ranked number four on the Associated Press survey and fifth on the USA Today survey. Both polls have very similar results and there is agreement in the top five. It should be a thrilling season in college football. It will certainly be interesting to see this season unfold, to see who ends up on top and who gets beaten. The poll rankings for these sites are very close, with their top five ranking being the same. This will likely be a high-stakes year in college football. Many of the nation’s best college football players are seniors. These senior football stars could have great prospects for the National Football League.

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Another popular poll features the same top 5 as the Associated Press/USA Today polls with some minor variations. This is known as the Bowl Championship Series Rankings. Number one on their list of top five is Ohio State Buckeyes. Number two is Louisiana State Tigers.

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